Natural Equine Products

Top Performance is your source for natural equine products that will help your horse perform at its maximum potential.

With a lifetime of experience in raising, training and competing on horses at all levels, the products you will find here are those that have contributed to the successes we have had in the arena. The main product we use and distribute is a hindgut buffer.

How it works

Acidosis (abnormally high acidity) in the hindgut (the large intestine and colon) can cause a number of problems in horses, including anorexia, colic, laminitis, and stereotypic (continuous, repetitive, and serving no purpose) behaviors such as wood chewing and weaving. Unfortunately, this is often a risk when feeding today’s rich concentrate feeds, and it all goes back to the evolution of the horse’s digestive system. That system was designed to process large amounts of high-fiber, poor-quality forage, rather than today’s richer diets.

Top Performance Ulcer Management Powder was designed to raise the ph of the hindgut and thus alleviate a lot of the problems associated with the lifestyles of today’s horses.

Raising the ph of the hindgut has shown to improve digestibility and absorption of feed and supplements and also has proven to greatly reduce ulcer symptoms. These symptoms may include poor weight gain and hair coat, tendency to be cinchy or pull back when saddled, tendency to have a cold back, cribbing, loose manure , soreness in the back , irritability, tendency to lay down more than normal and lack of appetite.

All horses we have placed on this hindgut buffer have experienced weight gain and they have a more fit look. We have noticed a lot of the “quirky” behaviors disappear after a few days on the buffer.

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