Ulcer Block

Most performance horses have ulcers. Feed Ulcer Block twice per day to get rid of ulcers and keep them from coming back.  Your horse will feel better and perform better.

Recommended use:
We recommend feeding 2 level tablespoons twice daily on your feed for a thousand pound horse. In severe cases it may be doubled for a short time. Once the symptoms have subsided continue for 2 more weeks and then reduce to once a day. It is a good idea to place on a full dose 24 hours prior to hauling and performing and to keep them on it 24 hours after returning home. This will help neutralize the excess acid produced from stress.

Along with the buffer we recommend a feed low in starch and high in fat and digestible fiber. This would contain beet pulp, oil, and rice or oat hulls. There are many good feeds on the market designed for this purpose. This would take a lot of the load off your horse’s digestive system while maintaining their performance level.

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